I don’t know Human Design

Human design keeps the mind busy with explanations of how your life works by the mechanics of it, so your mind will understand in its logical way why your life looks as it does.

It is said that human design will bring more satisfaction / success / peace / surprise to your life, by reducing the resistance that you experience in life. Resistance to what is in life, is a reflection of our expectations, of what we think life should be.

Actually, what human design does is to lessen your expectations in life and from life.  The more ideas about what life is we have, the higher our expectations and the greater the resistance we experience. And its all in our mind.

Each and everyone of us has it’s own window to life, a unique window that only you are here to look through. While your mind is occupied with what life should be and what you need to do to get there, you are missing the point, your point of view. Actually, while your mind is occupied with trying to control life WE all miss YOUR point of view, we all miss your unique perception of what life is.
Our mind does not know what life is, it is here to watch and learn. It is like a child, trying to gain control over something that is much much greater than it can perceive.