Are you ready to PAY ATTENTION?
Are you ready to TRADE ATTENTION?
Are you ready to Buy and Sell ATTENTION?
If you are, you are in the RIGHT Place.
If not, you will only be LEFT Behind.
Only by Your OWN SELF.

The Current Currency

I don’t know Meditation

When we look at this Body, we see that he moves.
He moves in Space, meets people, does not meet people,
leaves the house, enters the house, rests, talking.
Being Silent.

It is all a certain movement of the Body,
and also when we relatively do not move,
there is, of course, an inner movement which is not superfluous.

And what is amazing, that this Body,
if we remove from it all the external world
we actually see Movement.
A Movement of the Body.

What happens is that added to this movement are a lot of stories.
Why are we going? and Where are we going?
Because, and because.

And simply a lot of of stories are added onto this movement,
which is actually a very innocent and simple and curious,
and that it
knows its course,
knows where she is going,
knows whom she should meet,
knows when she should talk,
and when she should be silent.

And the Body knows that.

The thing is that there is another layer here,
which is this layer of the Thought,
which she analyses and routing and tells a story over
what should be and
how should be and
how much and
why and with
and it complicates and burdens and
whatever it may be, all those words we choose,
actually creates resistance in the oh-so innocent movement,
that the Body knows how to do it

It has mechanics like everything else in this universe,
it has a way to exist and be here,
a unique way like every flower, that blossoms,
like everything that is created and disappears.

And so it is in Relationships.
In relationships we come closer and we get farther apart.
It does not have really a reason.
It means, the Thought has a reason,
and she tells us about it all sorts of ideas
and legends, but actually, this body, he has its timing,
and we have no clue why we meet a Human Being,
and we have no clue why we do not meet a Human Being,
and why we do something or not do something.

Maybe in retrospective, when all will end,
and that death will be this close to our nose,
then there will be a spark of realisation of
what exactly was going on here,
and maybe not,
and maybe it does not matter so much.

What matters is for me is the experience of
what is being experienced daily
and the Sensing of the Body,
what it discovers.

Human Design.
I don’t know Meditation.

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Thanks for the movement.
Thanks for the Dance.